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Walk Derbyshire is a social movement with the aim of getting more people in Derbyshire walking regularly. It's a new approach and features a dedicated network of people working toward this mission. The simple aim of increasing the number of people across the county whose life features everyday walking can only be achieved by tackling the whole system. Walk Derbyshire aim to work with partners (existing and new) to encourage and facilitate people walking as individuals, families, and groups.

This is a multi-faceted, long term strategy, working for a future where all parts of the public sector such as transport, health, housing, planning, and education work together with the voluntary sector and the community to help make walking as accessible as possible.

Social Movement

By 'Social Movement' we mean that we building a community across Derbyshire with the aim of eradicating all barriers to walking. We will look to influence the decision-makers to build safe walking spaces, with pathways and lighting, and build networks of people who share a love of walking.


Walk Derbyshire does much of its work with a whole system approach. This means aim to work with communities and stakeholders to both understand the issues and to support development of solutions

What do we mean by 'a whole system approach'?

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