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What is Walk Derbyshire?

Walk Derbyshire aims to promote all walking opportunities across the County

Walk Derbyshire is a social movement. We want to create a culture of walking across Derbyshire and make everyday walking the norm.

Walk to the shops, school, work or walk for pleasure in your local community.

We provide information and support to all people across the County to get out and walk right from their doorstep. Wherever you live, from Bolsover to Barrow Hill, Long Eaton to Little Eaton, we have got you covered.

Our vision is simple - to make everyday walking the norm for all residents of Derbyshire

Benefits of regular walking

Reduces Anxiety

Lowers blood pressure

Burns Calories

Makes you feel good

Builds relationships with other walkers

Are you a Walk Leader?

Get helpful resources of ideas and activities to help get you started.